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What To Expect

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First Step

Understanding what happened to your spine is our priority here at Corrective Spinal Care. It helps us gauge the severity of the subluxation, pinched nerves, and the number of visits you would need to get your condition back to as stable as possible. To do that, we utilize Tytron nerve scans, full spine examinations, and digital X-ray.

Second Step

After analyzing and studying the findings of the scans, exams, and X-rays, we will personally discuss the results with you. We will explain what is wrong, why or how it happened, is it fixable or patchable, how long it will take to stabilize, and of course, how much it will cost.

Dr. Chris Erickson x-ray scan
Dr. Rick Means checking patient's back

Last Step

The last step involves carrying out the required adjustments and ensuring that you get the results that you deserve. It’s a gentle process that requires putting minimal pressure on the affected areas of the spine. This allows your spine to get back to its most stable position and allows you to experience the necessary changes in your health.

Each visit, once we complete the adjustment procedure, we will recheck the structure using Tytron scans to ensure the effectiveness of the adjustment. The results from the scans will allow us to determine whether your bones have stayed in place, or if they shifted back and need additional adjustments.  

We strongly advise consulting with the chiropractors, our upper cervical doctors, because each patient is different. This will give you a clear picture what you specifically need and how to progress through care. 

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