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The Difference Between Fibromyalgia and Myalgia Shared by a Cape Coral Upper Cervical Chiropractor

While some may mistake myalgia as just a shortened term for fibromyalgia, that is actually not the case. Myalgia is a symptom that causes muscle pain, whereas fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread pain and tenderness, fatigue, and brain fog. To properly distinguish these two terms, you must learn more about their differences! According […]

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Are Morning Vertigo Episodes Dangerous?

Have you ever experienced waking up in the morning feeling so anxious because your surroundings seem to spin around at an unprecedented speed? Have you tried tripping or slipping because you can’t keep your balance or make a sense of your surroundings?  Let's walk you through every situation possible to help you understand the best […]

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Emotional Stress: Can it Worsen Neck Pain?

During hectic or emotionally taxing weeks, do you notice increased pain and discomfort, especially in your neck and upper shoulder area? Do you struggle to turn your head, shrug your shoulders, or lift items because of your achy neck? Is your pain getting into your nerves and making you feel worse about yourself?  Unknown to […]

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Vertigo Problem Indicators Shared by a Chiropractor in Cape Coral

A condition like vertigo, being as common as it is, is often overlooked and written off simply as dizziness. However, persistent episodes of vertigo may prove to become quite troublesome and even dangerous. Catch it as early as possible by learning the seven indicators that contribute to a vertigo problem. For natural relief, find out […]

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Cape Coral Upper Cervical Chiropractor Explains Neck Pain and Its Causes

Neck pain is so common that people usually brush it off and go along with their day. Sadly, not many affected individuals recognize that neck pain can potentially denote a bigger problem if it's just left as it is. To better understand what's causing your neck pain and how to treat it, we've got everything […]

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5 Essential Oils Highly Recommended By a Vertigo Chiropractor in Cape Coral

Having to keep taking medication to keep your vertigo episodes at bay can be stressful and financially exhausting. If you’re looking for other ways to get relief at home, essential oils might do just the trick! Find out which essential oils are the best for vertigo and dizziness. For a more specific type of care […]

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70 Percent of the World Suffers from Neck Pain

As a trusted chiropractor for neck pain in Cape Coral, Corrective Spinal Care of Florida has met numerous cases of people complaining about recurring cervical spine problems. Unfortunately, this isn’t a surprising trend, given that statistics claim that at least 70 percent of the global population will likely experience mild to severe neck pain at […]

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Cape Coral Chiropractor Shares Natural Relief Sources for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that causes pain in various body parts, including the neck. Find out the connection between the two and how to get natural relief. For a safe and long-lasting solution to this problem, our trusted Cape Coral chiropractor has the answer to your problems! Start healing yourself with the help of […]

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Eat Your Way To Fibromyalgia Relief; Here's How

There are many questions and mixed information surrounding fibromyalgia. It was once known to be an inflammatory musculoskeletal disease, but with five million American adults who have fibromyalgia now, experts discovered that it is a neurological illness after all. If you are diagnosed with this chronic illness, you know how the widespread body pains and […]

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Achieving PPPD Relief With the Help of an Upper Cervical Chiropractor Cape Coral

One thing to know about Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD) is that it rarely begins randomly or out of the blue. We've got what you need to learn more about its causes and several other facts! According to our upper cervical chiropractor Cape Coral, there's a natural way to get relief for vertigo and PPPD. […]

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